Sunday, 24 July 2011

Get healthy nails with Nailtiques

I recently came across Nailtiques who provide therapeutic nail products. Do your nails peel or break easily? Nailtiques Nail Protein can help give you the healthy nails you want. Well known in America, apparently people are crazy for it and I can now see why.

You can use it by itself and add the formula daily or you can use it a base coat with polish on top. I used it a base coat and my polish hardly chipped for days. The are various strengths of the Nail Protein, Formula 1, 2 and 3. Formula 1 is for those with healthy nails and need to maintain, Formula 2 is for those with brittle, weak nails which need some help. Formula 3 is for naturally hard, dry nails. Perhaps you bite your nails and done some damage? Formula 2  would be good to restore your nails.

They have a Nail & Cuticle Skin Gel which conditions cracked cuticles and rough skin around the nails. I few days after wearing this, a lady from a nail bar told me she could how I look after my nails and I have never been told that before. So it must have been doing  something right.

The nail polishes do not only have gorgeous colours, they are infused with the same protein treatment used in the formulas. So it works with the treatment products and allows the treatment to penetrate through the polish to the nail. The polish glided on and did not streak. This is me wearing Maui.

Nailtiques is quality nail brand so priced a little high but it so worth it! You can get Nailtiques from Amazon. The Nail Protein is £15 for 15ml, Skin gel for £15 and polishes for £10.95.

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