Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Fold London - dresses to die for

I love a fantastic dress. The type of dress that flatters you, when you can rock it to work and look like superwoman. I am always on the lookout for a super dress and I discovered Fold London. A British label started by Polly McMaster who used to work in the city and knows all about looking professional. The dresses are nothing short of spectacular. If I could have one of everything I genuinely would. Over the years, I have learnt of power of fit and quality. I have learnt you get what you pay for. So when I received my first dress from Fold, I literally gasped. I kept telling my friend ‘Feel the fabric! Feel it’. It has to be felt to be believed. I loved it so much I feel Gollum and want to stroke it and say 'my preciousssss'. I have visions of me stomping in to a boardroom in Louboutins looking fabulous in one of these dresses. It will never happen but I can dream. Seriously just look at these beauties, they speak for themselves….*I die*


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Stylebook App - Catalog your wardrobe

I am a bit of hoarder. Over the years I have amassed a ridiculous wardrobe. I just love shopping and when I see something that is so amazing, that I just have to have it, to hell with everything else. Who cares about space?  A few years ago I had a tiny wardrobe. I am talking it perhaps fit one dress, a top and a trousers. So I decided I needed an upgrade and went to buy a huge Ikea Pax wardrobe. I promptly filled it up. It got quite hard to find items. I would buy things and forget I had them. I had no option of upgrading my wardrobe because of space constraints and the Ikea Pax was also not cheap.  Nope, I thought I have to make this work. I needed to find a way to organise my wardrobe and able to decide what to wear with ease. I have always wondered how celebrities who have multiple wardrobes manage their immense wardrobes. How do they know where that red dress they wore 4 months ago is? When you go shopping, you need to know if you have something that goes the item you want to buy, otherwise, you bringing more problems. How do remember all the trousers you have to know if a top goes with it? Enter the Stylebook App. Simply it is iOS app which acts as a virtual closet to help you curate your wardrobe. You take pictures of all your clothes or download them from the internet like I do, upload them into the app and voila, browse away.


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Kurt Geiger Heels

Heels are my weakness. Show me a beautiful pair of heels and I go week. So imagine my knees when I saw these beauties.

Luscious. I love the mesh details and the bold print. The colours make it suitable for many items. They can bring some colour to a black dress or match it with a bold print. An amazing pair of statement shoes.

Are they comfortable to walk in? That is the million dollar question. The fabric is surprisingly stretchy and moulds to your feet. I have wide feet so that is always good for me. My problem was the balls of my feet. I am short and these heels are HIGH. So walking is an effort. I can’t walk for long in them. I feel like I am walking on my tip toes.  If you wear heels a lot and are used to them, they will be a cake walk. I just love the way they look. I am absolutely going to keep wearing them and hopefully my feet will get used to it. But Kurt Geiger being the good quality they are there is a soft padding in the lining so that helps.

When I bought them, the sales assitant said thay are selling fast and she was right. A lot of sizes have sold out online so get them while you can.

Dont you just love the Britton shape? Classic.  Sheer quality at £270 and they are worth every penny.

Kurt Geiger Ltd.

Bicester Village Review

I love shopping, I just love it. Online, in store, you name it if it has shopping I am there. So one of my favourite places to shop is Bicester Village. If you have not heard of it, it is a discount shopping village in Oxford. It is one those places you love or hate. You love it because you get designer pieces on the cheap or you can hate it because the armies of people who cannot walk straight that are front of you and push you are driving you crazy.

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