Sunday, 17 July 2011

New Skin Base from Illamasqua

Illamasqua is a brand I adore. They are innovative and daring shown by the adventurous eyelashes and claws. It is colourful and outrageous. They have recently released their new foundation, Skin Base, inspired by asian beauty balms.

I went to the launch of Skin Base in the flagship store a few weeks to try it out. A lovely makeup artist from Illamasqua was on hand to give me a makeover. It is a small world because I actually went to school with the makeup artist so we caught up. Previously, Illamasqua had 2 liquid foundations, one light providing little coverage and the Rich Liquid Foundation giving lots of coverage. Skin Base sits in the middle giving good coverage without feeling like caked on.

It comes in 18 shades so something for everyone.Watching a makeup artist go to work always inspires me and I got some good tips. The coverage from Skin Base was amazing. No spots or uneven tone, just smooth skin. I used to use my hands to blend foundation but watching her made me buy a brush and I never looked back. So what shade are you? I am number 9.

Skin Base is available for £25 online, at the flagship store and Illamasqua counters.

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