Monday, 23 April 2012

Beauty at Cocosa

I first heard about Cocosa last year and my first thought was oh no, not another Brand Alley or discount site. Then I looked at the site and I was converted. Lovely clothes from cool brands, sold!! Now they are recently branching out in to beauty. So you now get flash sales from premium beauty brands like Oskia, Hersheson, Vita Liberata and exclusively, Bite. For me the standout brand was Bite. I have said before and I will say it again, red lips and a cat eye cannot be beaten. Bite Beauty are a collection of lip products which was sold in Sephora and sold out. Having tried the colours, they are sensational. My favorite product has to be the High Pigment Pencil in Zinfandel.


New colours from Nails Inc

So you all know that by now I am nail polish addict. If I could change every day I would but where does the time go? One of my favorite brands for nail polish is Nails Inc. I have had polishes from them which have lasted days without a chip. So what's new from Nails Inc? I'm glad you asked. First up is the neons. Perfect summer and creating a bold statement. These are the ones to really experiment with as they are so bright. They come in 6 different shades from a hot pink to a purple to bright green.


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Cleaning Makeup and Handbags with Milton

When it comes to spring cleaning we often forget to clean the things we use the most. It is also the items most used that are the worst offenders and cleaned the least. Items like bags, makeup bags, brushes and toothbrushes all need a good clean. That is where Milton, who make sterilising products, can help. When you think of sterilising products, they are not just for baby bottles. Here's a few tips...
For makeup bags and brushes, how can you clear skin when there is bacteria all over it? Just because you cannot see them, does not mean they are not there. So empty your bags out and use Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipe to clean the inside. Soak hairbrushes in a solution of Milton Sterilising Fluid to give them a good clean. Wash makeup brushes in detergent to remove all the makeup, rinse then soak in Milton solution to kill the last few germs for super clean brushes and in turn clear skin. 

Docteur Renaud Review

Although you cannot tell by the weather, it is getting closer to summer. Women are getting ready to go their summer holiday. That can mean more time in the gym and it can also mean getting rid of cellulite with creams. One of latest cellulite busting creams is Docteur Renaud Grapefruit Slimming Concentrate Cream-Gel. Docteur Renaud is a highly respected french brand specialising in natural cosmetology which focuses on the benefits of plants for the skin. 

I have trying Docteur Renaud Grapefruit Slimming Concentrate Cream-Gel for a while now. The aim of the cream is to make the skin more refined, firm and reduce the appearance of cellulite. You apply morning and evening and massage into the skin. You can guess there is grapefruit in it but there is also Macadamia and Sweet Almond Oils to moisturise the skin. First thing noticed was the refreshing scent. I can smell the grapefruit but it is not overpowering. The active ingredients work to also reduce fat and water retention. 


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Back to Work Haul

This week I had the best news in a long time. I got a new job which I really wanted and wished for all weekend. So when I got the phone call, after jumping and down in happiness, I decided to celebrate by going on a little shopping spree. So here is my work haul to update my wardrobe. If you follow me on Twitter you will know my most prized possession right now is my new Michael Kors watch. So here is the MK 5314 which is rose gold in colour. I honestly cannot stop looking at it, it is just so pretty and worth every single penny.


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Caudalie Vinosource

A few weeks ago, Caudalie launched their Vinosource range. Caudalie are a french brand known for their antioxidant and anti-aging products. They research some of the latest technology to make their products unique. What the Vinosource range different is the key ingredient, organic grape water. It is a micellar water that, like thermal spa water, contains trace elements along with specific sugars to give it a dual power to soothe and hydrate the skin. There are 5 products in the range, each targeted at a different skintype.

I got the chance to try the SOS Thirst Quenching Serum from the range which is their hero product. It is aimed at dehydrated skin. During this season, I find the weather can change in an instant and my skin can react badly if it is not hydrated and moisturised. I used to often get dry, flaky skin halfway during the day. I started using it day and night and my skin transformed. Within a few days, I no longer got dry patches. First thing I noticed when using it was how light it is. I am used to using heavy creams for dry skin so I was sceptical. I could not have been wrong. Apparently it is all down to the organic grape water.  Essentially, it has hydrating and soothing properties which help water reach your epidermis and keep it hydrated.What is so special about organic grape water? Organic grape water is made from vines. During the winter, vines hibernates and store their water which is enriched by nutrients from the soil. When the warm weather returns the vines fill the grapes with water and all its nutrients, ready to be harvested. It is all these natural plant-based nutrients that makes it special. Why do you think red wine is good for you? (in moderation of course!).

Other products in the range are the Moisturising Sorbet which has a gel consistency and turns to water on contact.It is aimed at sensitive skin as the texture is very soft and soothing. The Moisturising Matifying Fluid is for oily skin looking to reduce shine. The Moisture Recovery Cream is for dry skin as it replaces lipids. The Intense Moisture Rescue Cream is for very dry and dehydrated skin as it has a butter-like texture and is perfect to protect against harsh weather conditions. These moisturisers are to be used in conjunction with the serum.

The serum costs £29 and the moisturisers cost £22. You can get Caudalie from selected department stores like Debenhams and online at Escentual, Feel Unique and

Monday, 9 April 2012

BeautyLab Peptide Tanning Lotion Review

The weather is heating up and the time has come to get a bit of colour, glow and show off yor pins. So I tried out BeautyLab Peptide Tanning Lotion. BeautyLab is a brand found in spas and boutiques. The products have no artificial fragrance, rich in peptides and have anti-aging technology.


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Michael Kors AW12

If it is one brand that I lust after, it is Michael Kors. From the clothes, shoes to the incredible watches, I need it all. Michael Kors watches are a blogger favourite, hell it's everyone's favourite. I have been tossing up whether to get one for a few months now. At the recent press day I went in and actually tried one on. It actually spoke to me and said 'Amanda, you have to buy me', 'Buy me or else'. Well who was I to argue. I did not buy it right there and then but rest assured I will be in possession of a Michael Kors very soon. Anyway, a little preview of the new AW12 collection from Michael Kors.

 You can expect lots and lots of fur and of different types.


Friday, 6 April 2012

The Rising Stars of Fashion and Jewellery

I always find the smaller brands interesting. They are innovative and make you rethink how you wear something. At a recent press day, I discovered four rising stars that blew me away. First up is jewellery designer, Eleanor Bolton. The pieces are made using a  unique craft technique perfected at the Royal College of Art. It is all hand-stitched cotton rope coils and really make a statement. Here is Eleanor herself wearing one of her necklaces.

A favourite piece of mine. Her current collection is colourful so she has kept in black and white for AW12 with gold elements.


Goldie London

Since small beginnings in  in London's Portobello and Spitalfields markets, Goldie London has grown into a global label with a celeb following. The pieces are feminine with a rock n' roll edge. You can get floaty dresses or rock chic leather shorts. Goldie  was founded by designer Michelle Goldie and fans include fashionistas Fearne Cotton and Jameela Jamil. Here is her current collection for SS12. Lots of lace up detailing...


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Erno Laszlo -The Hollywood Collection

For UK readers, you may not have heard of Erno Laszlo but you have definitely felt the impact of his work. Erno Laszlo is considered the progenitor of skincare and helped the world's most beautiful women maintain radiant  complexions and resolved their skin issues. Did you know Marilyn Monroe had acne? I didn't and looking at her photos you would not either thanks to Erno Laszlo. Remember these were times before Photoshop. Audrey Hepburn was another client of Erno Laszlo who said ' I owe 50% of my beauty to my mother and the other 50% to Erno Laszlo'. In the days of Marilyn and Audrey, if you were an actress the studio apparently sent you to Dr Erno Laszlo to resolve any skin issues without hesitation, it was not even a choice. You went to Erno Laszlo. There was simply no one else as he was of the first dermotologists.


Lots of Love from Australia

Move over UGG, there's a new player in town. UGGs have to be the most comfortable shoes around and if I could wear them all day every day I would. However, today I have discovered Love from Australia who are apparently massive in Australia. Why has it taken me so find out about them? With super soft sheepskin lining and a list of celeb fans a mile long, you cannot go wrong with LFA. Here is the current collection available now.

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