Saturday, 29 September 2012

Vodafone London Fashion Weekend 2012

After all the hustle and bustle of London Fashion Week, Somerset House transforms into Vodafone London Fashion Weekend. You can find designer catwalk shows, pop-up shops and hair & beauty. You can get the current collections at a discount.


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I hate eBay

I have to rant about this and get this out of system. Essentially I am so disappointed in eBay I did not know it was possible. So I sold a pair of headphones that was given to me a present I already had a pair of overear headphones so I decided to sell them.They were brand new, boxed and sealed. I sell it on eBay and ship it off to the buyer promptly and I think everyone is happy. How wrong could I be?

I get an email a few days later stating there is a hissing in one ear and that I need to return it. Not can he, no question, a demand that I must return it. Well my issue is that they were brand new. Unlikely that they are faulty. Also, had a bit of search on google and turns out that some Noise Cancelling headphones use hissing as a technology to cancel out the ambient noise. I am no technological wiz but I am ok. So IF it is hissing I think this is a feature of the headphones and I advise of such in a polite manner. I believe he has nothing more than buyer's remorse and has decided actually 'I don't quite fancy these, let me lie and get them returned.' I get an abusive email back stating:

'No... It doesn't work like that. It works like this. You get the goods returned to you and you send me a full refund. I bought them from you. I return them to you'

Oh hell no!! Who the hell does he think he his telling me what I can and can't do. If the buyer has a no refund policy, then I think it is no refund policy unless it is faulty. In this case it is not faulty.I have heard of horror stories of awful eBay buyers and he right up there with them. After some back and forth, he raises a case with eBay stating the good was not how was described, ie the hissing. I gave all the evidence and details of what happened to eBay. After more abusive from the neanderthal, eBay have ruled in his favour. Why? Because they only protect the buyer. eBay do not care about the seller, despite the fact the seller pays ridiculous fees for every little thing. Unbelievable. Did they even research the facts? Did they investigate is it really faulty? No. Because no buyer would ever dream of lying to get his money back.

To top it all off, he has stated he is a music producer with multiple record contracts. Oh really? If you are some hot shot producer, why on earth are you buying £25 headphones on eBay? Would he not buy top of the range DJ quality headphones which run into the hundreds? He has to be the most vile man ever after having received numerous abusive emails and guess what, not only do eBay do nothing but they actually support him.

So anyway, what are your eBay horror stories about a buyer or seller? eBay, please look at how work and find a way to support the seller as right now it is really one-sided. Don't think I will sell or buy from eBay and don't recommend anyone else to either. They are some shady sellers and buyers out there and they are not policed.

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