Monday, 22 August 2011

Diva Feel The Heat Titanium Straightener Review

At recent press event I was asked are ceramic straighteners better than titanium straightener. It got me thinking well why are they? Have I used them? No. Talking to a hair stylist, she said a lot of people are used to ceramic and prefer them just because. So I decided to give them a try as I used my ceramic straighteners religiously and it has seen better days. I have the frizziest, craziest hair you can imagine which has a mind of it's own so getting it straight is no mean feat. Enter the Diva Feel The Heat Titanium straightener.

Well hello sexy! I love the chrome finish. People say titanium straighteners are meant to be lighter then ceramic and do not give so much arm ache when straightening. I have to say I found no weight difference between my ceramic and the Diva. The Diva is very light to hold. It also has a long extension lead so I have space to move about.

The nitty gritty. It heats up in 30 seconds. Very good for when you are in a rush. It has variable heat setting from 120 C for hair extensions all the way to 220 C. It is high enough for most hair. However, for afro hair you may need the black ceramic version as it goes to a super hot 235 C! Smokin!

It has an automatic shut off so it switches itself off after 10 minutes. I have left my straighteners so many times I cannot count so this is so useful. It also has floating plates for smooth styling. Was my hair more straight than when I use my ceramic? I think so. When I use my ceramic, I still get that thickness in the hair when I want it to stay flat. Using the Titanium straightener made the hair flatter but still not completely. Damn those kinks! I think it is down to my hair being mixed and needing a hotter pair of straighteners. I will definitely look into a super hot pair of straighteners but overall I am quite happy with these.  Do you think they get the job done?

The Diva Feel The Heat Intelligent Digital Styler in Titanium is a Limited Edition and available for £71.48. Have a look at Diva's Facebook and website to see what else they have. The Rebel Collection, tongs, argan stylers and dryers are all on the site.

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