Sunday, 14 August 2011

My Laser Eye Surgery

Well last week I had my laser eye surgery. In short, I cannot recommend it enough. I can see!! I had been thinking about it for a while and finally decided to get it done because I was due for an eye test and I would have needed new glasses. Glasses and an eye test can be up to £200 or more for designers. Contacts are about a similar price over the period so do I want to keep paying for glasses or do I want perfect eyesight with a better quality of life? Now they offer finance options, it was a no brainer.

Now as it my eyes, I decided not to do it on the cheap. Something tells me those adverts saying £400 per eye are telling porkies. So I went for a reputable company who know their stuff, Ultralase. I was a little nervous on the day but more excited. The surgeon who I had met at the consultation before had put me at ease and I trusted him.

The surgery itself was absolutely pain-free as they numb the eye and over in 20 minutes. I had done a bit research watching previous surgeries so I knew what to expect and the nurse told me as well what the surgeon will be doing. I literally sat up from the surgery and could see straight away! A little foggy which is expected but better than my eyesight before. I have to wear sunglasses at all times when outside for a while. On the journey home my eyes started to sting as the anaesthetic wears off. I was advised to go straight home and go to sleep which I did exactly. I was given eye drops to help with the stinging and prevent infections. The next day I woke up and it was unbelievable. I felt great, my eyes had no stinging and I could see perfectly. The next working day, I went in for a checkup where they do an eye test to see how well you can see. I can now see better then 20:20. I had a low prescription before. I was short-sighted with -1.5 so I could not see far.

I work on a 19th floor and the view is pretty good so I can't stop looking outside. Everything is so sharp and clear. I keep touching my temples thinking I am wearing glasses and I am not. I feel like I am missing something as it taking some getting used to. I wore glasses for 15 years so quite a change but so worth it. My eyes are a little bloodshot which is expected but will clear up soon. I am looking forward to experimenting with dramatic eye makeup. Colours, lots of colours and eye liner! I cannot wear eye makeup for 2 weeks but this will give me the time to wear all the products I need and get ready.

If you are thinking about it, I cannot recommend it enough. Make sure you go to a reputable company and do it right. There are risks which they tell you about. I asked a lot of people and everyone I know has had no problems. I know there a few horror stories out there so go in prepared. It is well worth going in for a consultation. Most companies offer them for free and they will not pressure you into booking. Have you had laser eye surgery? Are you thinking about it? Tell me in the comments


  1. So how much did it cost at Ultralase?

  2. It cost £2500. I am paying over 3 years, no interest and works out about £70. Not bad. I think it is so worth it. Ultralse do not claim to be the cheapest the quality is amazing, I can testify to that! Go to various companies and compare. Do all your research and talk to as many people as possible.

  3. I agree that doing thorough research of various eye clinics is one of the best ways to have a successful laser surgery. And it's a good thing the surgery was a success. How do you find the results?

    Bruno Hill

  4. Hi Bruno, The surgery was an amazing success. I recently had my followup to check my sight and it is fantastic. I am alittle sensitive to sunlight but I was warned it was a possible side effect which hopefuly will get better with time. It is more than worth it! I am so happy I can step outside my door and see without my glasses.


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