Monday, 29 August 2011

Mandara Spa in your home

Mandara Spa is a luxurious range of bath and bodycare products inspired by treatments at Mandara Spas located around the world. They recently launched their line in Sainsburys. A spa range in Sainsburys? Well this needed further investigation.

The range spans 5 different collections: Tropical Blooms, Amber Heaven, Citrus Spice, Island Paradise and Honeymilk Dream. Each range has a fragrance, some subtle and some strong so definitely one for you. The are body creams, scrubs, bath essences, shower creams and diffusers all designed to give you a perfect bath time and recreate the spa experience.

I tried 3 products from 3 different collections. To get the full experience, I went the full hog and lit some candles and played some soothing music, sheer bliss. It was such a hard job but someone had to do it! First up was the Amber Heaven Moisturising Bath Essence. The smell is more subtle than the other collections and comes from sandalwood and patchouli. It provided a lovely, but not overpowering aroma to relax in with some bubbles mixed in.

The Exfoliating Sugar Scrub in Citrus Spice is simply divine. For super smooth skin, scrub onto dry skin and rinse. I applied this while the bath was running. The smell is from ginger and lime and very fragrant. It is very invigorating and good for an early morning exfoliation. It does not work so well on wet skin so be sure to use it in dry or damp skin.

My favourite of the bunch has to be the Tropical Blooms Softening Body Cream. The fragrance is jasmine and ylang ylang and it left my skin so soft and kept rubbing and smelling my arms all night. After using all 3 products, I really felt like I had been to a spa. I was relaxed, chilled and smelled gorgeous. This will definitely be my go-to range for bath goodies.

You can get Mandara Spa from Sainsburys and online. So you may think a spa range will cost a small fortune? The Tropical Blooms Softening Body Cream and Citrus Spice Exfoliating Sugar Scrub are both £10.50. The Amber Heaven Bath Essence is £9. So they priced higher than your average supermarket but so worth it and it is not an extortionate amount. For the most luxurious bath, I thoroughly recommend the Mandara Spa range. Enjoy ladies!

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