Thursday, 3 November 2011

Boutiques and clothing lines from the TOWIE ladies

It seems all of the TOWIE ladies have a little side business going on. I like how they are all business minded and quite intelligent. So let's look at what they have. Boutiques opened, clothing lines and beauty lines launched. First up, I just got in from the launch of Lauren Pope's clothing for Little Mistress. So many cute dresses.

Here's my top picks...

Check out LittleMistress online.

The Faiers' sisters opened Minnie's Boutique in Brentwood with an online store earlier this year. Various brands are stocked inluding Minnie Loves, Little Mistress and Disney Couture. Clothes, shoes and accessories are all online here.

Amy Childs launched her clothing line recently. I am actually really impressed with the clothes. Some of dresses are very elegant and great for work. Of course in typical Essex fashion, you have sparkly dresses for a night out as well.

 What do we think for a Christmas party dress? They are reasonably priced, between 40 to £75 so have a shop online.

Jessica Wright opened her boutique, With Love, Jessica in Loughton and collaborated with inlovewithfashion on a clothing line.
Love this leopard top...

Lauren Goodger has a beauty line with tanning products. One of the latest items is the Instant Wash Off Glow. Winter is no reason to look pasty dolls! Look radiant and glow with this.

So have you been to any of the boutiques or bought any of their clothes online? Do any of the pieces take you fancy? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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  1. Love their clothing lines are they bought in from a wholesaler or designed by the girls they seem so individual


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