Thursday, 7 April 2011

Colourful Makeup

The brighter the better I say. I found some new products in stores which add colour and brightness to your face.

NARS have the Soft Touch Shadow pencils in new shades. The chunky pencils are designed to shade the lid, line or highlight the eye. They are really soft and creamy for easy blending. My favourite colour has to be the sparkling turquoise for a night out. Some of the other colours are a parrot green and an iridescent copper. For a deep, intense colour use the pencils as a base layer and layer with powder eyeshadow over the top. Although when put to the test, I have heard they do fall prey to the crease and smudge a little. I would be inclined to use this mainly as an eye liner or use a primer to ensure it stays put. £16.50 from NARS
To illuminate the face for summer, Illamasqua have Gleam Cream. It is a light moisturiser with iridescent pigments for a healthy glow. You can mix this with some foundation for a smooth, dewy look. If you really want to shine, use it on your body to highlight areas. I love a dewy look à la Jennifer Lopez. Have you SEEN her on American idol! I need to meet her stylist and makeup artists. £23 from Illamasqua.

I am officially addicted to Dior Addict Lipstick which is inspired by Kate Moss. It has 25% less wax than a classic lipstick. Instead it has a reflecting gel which gives a glassy shine and a vibrant colour. With lots of shades to choose from consisting of pinks, reds and browns, there is definitely a colour for you. For me, I love New Look. It is a bright red and it would suit my olive skin. It is exclusive to Selfridges until 11 April when it goes nationwide. £22 from Selfridges


  1. I love love love NARS color! It's so excellent. I actually recently did a post talking about one of their lip pencils that I adore. Great post!

  2. I am too a NARS addict! NIce post!


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