Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Kurt Geiger Heels

Heels are my weakness. Show me a beautiful pair of heels and I go week. So imagine my knees when I saw these beauties.

Luscious. I love the mesh details and the bold print. The colours make it suitable for many items. They can bring some colour to a black dress or match it with a bold print. An amazing pair of statement shoes.

Are they comfortable to walk in? That is the million dollar question. The fabric is surprisingly stretchy and moulds to your feet. I have wide feet so that is always good for me. My problem was the balls of my feet. I am short and these heels are HIGH. So walking is an effort. I can’t walk for long in them. I feel like I am walking on my tip toes.  If you wear heels a lot and are used to them, they will be a cake walk. I just love the way they look. I am absolutely going to keep wearing them and hopefully my feet will get used to it. But Kurt Geiger being the good quality they are there is a soft padding in the lining so that helps.

When I bought them, the sales assitant said thay are selling fast and she was right. A lot of sizes have sold out online so get them while you can.

Dont you just love the Britton shape? Classic.  Sheer quality at £270 and they are worth every penny.

Kurt Geiger Ltd.

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