Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Stylebook App - Catalog your wardrobe

I am a bit of hoarder. Over the years I have amassed a ridiculous wardrobe. I just love shopping and when I see something that is so amazing, that I just have to have it, to hell with everything else. Who cares about space?  A few years ago I had a tiny wardrobe. I am talking it perhaps fit one dress, a top and a trousers. So I decided I needed an upgrade and went to buy a huge Ikea Pax wardrobe. I promptly filled it up. It got quite hard to find items. I would buy things and forget I had them. I had no option of upgrading my wardrobe because of space constraints and the Ikea Pax was also not cheap.  Nope, I thought I have to make this work. I needed to find a way to organise my wardrobe and able to decide what to wear with ease. I have always wondered how celebrities who have multiple wardrobes manage their immense wardrobes. How do they know where that red dress they wore 4 months ago is? When you go shopping, you need to know if you have something that goes the item you want to buy, otherwise, you bringing more problems. How do remember all the trousers you have to know if a top goes with it? Enter the Stylebook App. Simply it is iOS app which acts as a virtual closet to help you curate your wardrobe. You take pictures of all your clothes or download them from the internet like I do, upload them into the app and voila, browse away.

  • No more wasting time in the morning deciding what to wear. Plan for the week ahead and know exactly what you will wear with the calendar function.
  • Plan your outfits, make collages to put together an entire outfit including shoes and jewellery.
  • Want to wear a specific top, no problem, select the top and see how you have styled it before.
  • See your entire wardrobe and know when your last wore that dress at the back of your wardrobe , when you bought and how much it was.
  • Keeps a record of usage so you see how many times you have worn a piece. (or perhaps not wearing?)
  • Looking for something specific? Shop directly from the app for something precise, for example, blue dress from Top Shop.
  • It has a cost per wear tool telling you if you are getting your money’s worth from those Jimmy Choos’
  • Make a list of items to pack for a holiday to make sure you don't forget anything.
  • Find out how much your wardrobe is worth.
  • Keeps a record of what is at dry cleaners.
  • Keep a record of your dress sizes in different stores

It does cost £2.99 but to have an organised closet, it is so worth it. I know what you are going to say, there are other apps out there and free. Well I searched high and low, and I could not find any that had the features of Stylebook.

My only problem is it takes a while to add you entire closet into the app. whenever I buy anything now, I make sure to download a picture from the website. But that does not help old clothes for which I can't find pictures. You can take pictures with your camera and upload it is just a little time consuming. So start with your favourite and most used items and then every week upload a few more until you are done.

Here's to an organised and well-used closet and a little more sleep in the mornings.

Link to Stylebook Website
Pictures courtesy of Stylebook.


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