Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Fold London - dresses to die for

I love a fantastic dress. The type of dress that flatters you, when you can rock it to work and look like superwoman. I am always on the lookout for a super dress and I discovered Fold London. A British label started by Polly McMaster who used to work in the city and knows all about looking professional. The dresses are nothing short of spectacular. If I could have one of everything I genuinely would. Over the years, I have learnt of power of fit and quality. I have learnt you get what you pay for. So when I received my first dress from Fold, I literally gasped. I kept telling my friend ‘Feel the fabric! Feel it’. It has to be felt to be believed. I loved it so much I feel Gollum and want to stroke it and say 'my preciousssss'. I have visions of me stomping in to a boardroom in Louboutins looking fabulous in one of these dresses. It will never happen but I can dream. Seriously just look at these beauties, they speak for themselves….*I die*

Oh what I would give for that coat....

Here are the pieces I have bought in past seasons and absolutely adore.

The black trim and high neck just make this dress incredible.

In the words of Polly McMaster herself:

‘Looking as smart as a man in his bespoke suit gives a woman the same level of confidence and gravitas at work.’

I could not agree more Polly, I could not agree more.

They are cheap at all, Dresses can cost £375 so they are a real investment piece but they are classic pieces that will last and worth the investment.

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