Friday, 23 December 2011

The Chelsea Day Spa - Sheer Bliss

This week I got the chance to for a little R&R and I went off to The Chelsea Day Spa. It is a spa based in the heart  of Chelsea offering all the services you could possibly need including waxing, massage, facials, tanning and it has a nail bar. One of the signature treatments is the New York Manicure and Pedicure to make you look like you stepped right out from Sex and the City. Super glossy and super fast as we all know New York ladies move fast. However, I went there to try out something a little different, their Deep Tissue Massage.

I sit at desk and type for a lot of the day so had been feeling a bit sore around the neck and back. A lot of office workers get back pain from being hunched over for most of the day. Let's be honest, when you are working to a deadline, how many of us actually remember to get up from the chair and take a break for a few minutes? My lovely therapist was Carmen and she knows all about the pressure points and asked what level of pressure so you can go for something relaxing or more deep. A deep tissue massage is good if you have severe tension or a sustained physical injury. The treatment room has soothing candles and music.

So Carmen went to work, starting lightly to loosen the muscles. I have a lot tension in my neck and back so she started to work deeper and work on the muscles. Using just her elbows and bones, she really got the knots in my back out. The oils they use is almond oil which was nice and relaxing. At points it began to get slightly painful as expected with a deep tissue massage. The idea is is to focus on the muscles below the top muscles so the pressure has to be hard.

After the massage, I felt so relaxed and my muscles were loose and flexible. Then I woke up the next day. You can expect there to be some pain the day after and believe me, I felt it. This is the residual tension leaving your body. It is recommended you have a hot bath when you get home to help the ease the of last tension. I used a good muscle soak which really helped. Two days later and I feel great! I am trying to keep my posture right and follow all the desk rules to keep the knots at bay. A good neck and back massage is recommended every month to ease the tension. If you let it build up, it is hard to get rid of and it will begin to affect your health.

A Deep Tissue Massage for 30 minutes is £45 and for 60 minutes is £75. If you like your nails done in a New York minute, the New York Manicure is £12.50. You can see the full list of treatments on their website

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