Thursday, 22 December 2011

E>One: My IPL Hair Removal Journey

Hair removal has to be one of the most tedious, painful things. Body hair can really get someone down, especially dark hair on fair skin. Having smooth skin is part of looking groomed and it gives you confidence. I used to epilate as it was not messy. I have a high pain threshold so I found the pain no worse than waxing. IPL and Laser hair removal was always something that was in the back my head and was something I wanted to do but was ridiculously expensive. So I jumped at the chance to go see the E>One in action. The E>One is one of the top of the range at-home IPL depilation devices on the market.

It was a fantastic event where we got to try the E>One out and even had a little boogie with a Zumba instructor. We had to learn a Zumba routine and then a certain celebrity dancer was going to judge us at the end for a prize. So I put on my dancing shoes and shaked my thang to Livin La Vida Loca. Who steps to judge us? None other than the fabulous... Flavia Cacace from Strictly Come Dancing! Flavia uses the E>One herself so she was there to tell is about what she thinks about it. So when I decided to take part, my ethos was shake it like I have no bones in my body and enjoy it. Well I must have done something right because who did she pick to win? Me!!!!!!!!! I squealed and jumped for joy as the prize was an E>One itself. To this day I still can't believe I won. So I have decided to document my progress with the E>One. So I am going to tell you a little bit about the E>One and then I will tell you my progress so far.
Flavia and me, after having a dance, excuse the hair!
 The E>One uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology rather than laser. There is a lot of discussion about whether Laser or IPL is best. ESwin, makers of the E>One say darker skin tones and darker hairs have been a issue for Laser making IPL the safer option. It works by destroying the hair follicle so the hair cannot grow back. The best thing about the E>One is works on darker skins, except black skin I'm afraid. It works on tanned skin so you do not need to take any breaks after your summer holiday. Using the E>One is so simple and easy. You can tell it what thickness of hair you are depilating as different areas of the body have different thicknesses of hair. You can tell how strong you want the light to be, the stronger the light the more effective it will be however it does make slightly more painful. The pain level is being snapped with an elastic band. There are 6 levels of power and I have only worked my way up to 4 as they say start on the low powers than work your way up as you progress your treatments. It has more safety measures than any other device so you feel completely safe. One you clicked through all the safety measures, put on your Ray Ban-esque glasses for protection, point and click. It takes about 2 seconds to recharge and you can click away again. Your skin does get a bit red which goes down in a few hours. A few days later the hairs start to fall out  and you are left with super smooth skin. Treatments are required every 3-4 weeks due to the hair cycle. It can take up 10 treatments to completely remove the hair but it has been shown to be complete a lot sooner. I am aiming for 6 treatments. After your 10 treatments, all you need is a yearly 'top-up' and you are hair-free forever. No more waxing, epilating or shaving!!!

I completed my first treatment 3 weeks ago and I am due to do my second treatment soon. Here are my before and after photos of my legs. As it was the first treatment I have some regrowth but there are a lot of bald patches where it has worked first time.

I am using it pratically everywhere, legs, bikini, arms, underarms and face. With a medium skin tone and dark hair, hair was always an issue for me and I cannot thank everyone involved enough for this.

At £1319, it is more expensive than it's competitors because it is the safer and more powerful option. I see so many reviews where people pay hundreds for a hair removal device and it does not work. I say pay a little extra and be sure it work safely for you. You can pay by installments if the lumpsum is too much. £1319 is still cheaper than the salon appointments for waxing and all those at-home kits that you would spend over the years and miles cheaper than doing IPL at a salon.

I cannot thank Flavia and the PR involved for this enough! It truly is a dream come true. Keep checking for updates every few months!


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