Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Nosh Detox Review

This is part 2 of the detox post. I wrote about Infrared Domes which help our body from the outside and draw impurities out. Now it is time to talk about helping your body from the inside. We all know to the healthy foods to eat and about portion control but it is easier said than done, I know. Especially with Christmas and parties, it is all too easy to pig out. So I decided to give myself a little nudge and motivation to help me get in the right direction. Step in Nosh Detox. Nosh offer a healthy food delivery service all made into programmes specially tailored for you and your goals.

The best way to describe the food I found is from NOSH founder, Geeta. All the food is NOSH - 'Natural, Organic, Safe and Healthy'. So may well think it is radical and it could not possibly be tasty. Well I tried the ABC Programme – Alkalise, Balance & Cleanse. The programme starts off with a questionnaire asking for your requirements. Wheat, lactose, gluten or any intolerance? No problem, just enter it on the questionnaire and no wheat and gluten for you. You can food you particularly like or dislike so there is a high probability the food that comes is yummy. Then delivery is organised and the food can be delivered to your home or office. If you live outside the M25, you get food delivered for 3, 5 or 7 days. I got food delivered for 3 days all together and it suited me perfectly. Within M25, it is daily deliveries. Rest assured the food is freshly prepared. The programme  consists of a breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack and dinner. So you have no need to enter a supermarket for the duration of your programme. So what exactly did I get delivered? My daily menu looked like this:

Breakfast: Breakfast Smoothie made from oats, banana and soya
Morning Snack: The most delicious superfood smoothie
Lunch: Cream of Courgette soup
Afternoon snack: Fruit smoothie
Dinner: Cocunut curried vegetables with hulled millet

Breakfast: Breakfast Smoothie made from oats, banana and soya
Morning Snack: Superfood smoothie time
Lunch: Lentil and Spinach soup
Afternoon snack: Fruit smoothie
Dinner: Fusilli Bolognaise
Tuesday's Dinner

Breakfast: Breakfast Smoothie made from oats, banana and soya
Morning Snack: Superfood smoothie time
Lunch: Basil Tomato soup
Afternoon snack: Fruit smoothie
Dinner: Grilled Duck breast with roasted paprika vegetables

The only things that changed was lunch and dinner, all the smoothie's stayed the same.  The breakfast smoothie is filling and kept me going all morning. The Superfood smoothie looks like green sludge but is the utterly delicious. I absolutely love it and could drink it all day long. The lunch was a bit hit and miss for me. If you like courgettes and lentils, you will love the soups, they are not my favorites so did not quite get on this two. The Basil Tomato soup was a delight. The fruit smoothie is sweet and kept me going through my mid-afternoon slump. Dinner was always lovely. The Fusilli and Duck breast were my top dinners. Everything is neatly packaged to ensure it arrives safely and no leaking.

I did have to go out and get different lunches on the first two days but otherwise I kept to the menu and surprisingly enjoyed it. One of major things I learnt from this was portion control. It was good to see exactly the portion sizes I should be eating. I also gave me some ideas to make healthy food tastier for me. I am not the greatest lover of vegetables, I am carbs girl. So the roasted paprika vegetables really opened my eyes and made think, I can do this.

What sets Nosh apart from other food delivery services is it is not just food they deliver. It is the whole healthy lifestyle. For example, they have the NOSH Dead Sea Bath salts which go well with the programmes and help to detox the body. They also offer nutritional consultations and weight loss cooking classes so you can find out what you should be eating and how to cook it so it is tasty. So put simply, Geeta Sidhu Robb is your fairy godmother.

Rachel Stevens and Gwyneth Paltrow are fans. The ABC 3 day trial is £124.41 and you can see all the programmes and products on the website. It has changed the way that I buy food and made me think about what I eat, well worth trying.

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