Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Vaishaly Cleansing Balm Review

A lot us are forever in search of clear, glowing skin, myself included. So I jumped at the chance to try out products from skin guru, Vaishaly. You may know of Vaishaly for her sought-after threading treatments that provide perfect eyebrows. Vaishaly believes ‘less is more’ meaning you do not lots of proucts to get healthy, clear skin. She has her own line of skincare, including a Cleansing Balm which I tried. 

The Cleansing Balm is a very light balm with an oily texture for people with dry or sensitive skin. You do not need a lot as I only used one push of the pump. It really feels so nourishing as it cleanses the skin. Some cleansers can leave you dry and feeling tight with no moisture. I was surprised how I only had to use a small amount of moisturiser afterwards as my skin felt so soft after cleansing. 

The gorgeous scent is from almond and olive oil, which is where the nourishment comes from. The ingredients are specifically chosen to soothe dry skin and reduce irritation. A key part of Vaishaly’s skincare routine is massage as it helps to promote a glowing complexion and a host of benefits. Let's face it ladies, it does not hurt to get a daily facial massage! I spent just a few minutes massaging my face and after a few days the effects were clear, radiant skin. After your self-pampered massage, no oil residue is left on the skin as it completely rinses away. A muslin cloth is not always easy to be kept clean and for people with very dry skin it can irritate. So I took a leaf from Vaishaly and massaged the water into the skin and give it more moisture. I have received a few compliments from people asking if I have been holiday and what I have been doing so I am doing something right! 

You can get Vaishaly online from http://www.vaishaly.com/, the Vaishaly clinic and Fenwicks Bond Street .


  1. This sounds lovely, how much does it cost? x

  2. It is £59, It's a lot for a cleanser but you do get what you pay for. :-)

  3. Thanks! I agree and it does sound like really good stuff x


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