Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Dior Leopard Print Palette

I never thought I would see the day but leopard print has made it into makeup. Dior have introduced the Mitzah Palette celebrating Mitzah Bricard, Christian Dior’s muse and great friend.

The palette is made up of browns and camel tones to produce the leopard print. Mitzah was a hat designer and socialite and the leopard print was a favourite design of hers. She wore nothing under her blouse with a leopard scarf was permanently wrapped around her wrist, was decked out in sumptuous jewellery at any time of the day, and could “turn the ordinary into stylish”. Now that sounds like a glamorous lady! I would loved to have met her and got some tips.  

Miss Bricard herself...
Alongside the Mitzah palette Dior expand their nail varnish shades with Dior Vernis Limited Edition shades in Ebony 912 and Camel 622.

Some ideas on how to use the palette:
Step 1: The camel shade enhances the colour of the eyes, apply on the eyelid, then gently blend upwards. Then also apply along the lower eyelashes.

Step 2: The ebony shade makes the eyes deeper, apply along the upper and lower eyelashes and melt it together with the camel shade.

Step 3: The nude shade illuminates and opens the look, apply in the inner corner and in the middle of the arch of the eyebrows.
The palette is available exclusively at Selfridges from 1st June 2011 at £60 and the Dior Vernis are £17.50 each.


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