Saturday, 7 May 2011

Victoria's Secret Makeup

Well I received some exciting news today! I have won my first giveaway! Yippee!! The lovely Shanicexoxo told me I have a Victoria's Secret makeup goodie bag on the way.

We do not have Victoria's Secret here in the UK and I have often lusted after it when watching a Victoria's Secret show clearly thinking how can I get to be the next Gisele? So to hear I will finally have some Victoria's Secret makeup is a dream.

The pack includes
(1)Perfect Lipstick-V.I.P.
(2)Intensifying Mascara- Blackest Black
(3) Lip gloss- Intimate
(4)Mosaic Eyeshadow- Sultry
(5)Mosaic Blush- After Glow

Should be good. Has anyone ever tried Victoria's Secret? What is your opinion? I will post a review on them after I have tried them out.

Writing this has got me thinking, how many brands do we not have access to that we wish to? Victoria's Secret is one. Covergirl is another we cannot get without importing. I have read about some bloggers doing swaps. So any US bloggers who want something from UK can give me wishlist of what they are after and I will provide a wishlist of what I would like from US (of course this can work for any country where they sell the brand you want). The finer details can be arranged between themselves like amount to spend etc. Then send the packages on. Interesting. Ready and willing here!

Or tell me how you get your items? Perhaps you have family over there and they send items to you?

All I can say is Gisele better watch out! Victoria's Secret, please open a UK store!

Thanks to Shanice again.

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  1. i'm glad your excited! :)
    shipping it out tomorrow!


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