Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hello my Angels!

I remember watching the original Charlie's Angels TV show and loving the clothes, the spying and the glamour. I always thought I could do what they did. Whenever someone asked what I wanted to be, for a long time I replied 'a Charlie's Angel'. Well today they are back! A remake of the original of the show is being made and you can watch in autumn. Here is a trailer of what to expect.For the look read on...

I love the white dresses they wear and glamorous does not begin to describe these girls so it inspired me to do this post. Here's my Charlie's Angel look. An angel has got to have her Louboutins and a bit of colour so I chose bright accessories. I think it is a nice summer look for an evening out.

 Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels by The Glamorous featuring fine jewelry

Will definitely be watching this in the autumn. Let's hope it lives up to the original.

1 comment

  1. I remember the original too...Bosley is a lot more attractive in this one! :)
    Looks fun...thanks for posting.


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