Monday, 2 January 2012

Hobbs SS12

I went to see the Hobbs SS12 collection a few weeks ago. Whenever I have walked past Hobbs it just never caught my eye and made me want to go in. Seemed a bit too mature.. almost. So I was little unsure of what to expect. I have to say I was impressed. I saw so many pieces I would love to wear to work.

So smart, so chic. I adore this colour combination.

Show your wild side in animal prints..

The showstopper for me was this above piece from Hobbs Invitation. Hobbs Invitation is a new collection for that special occassion all year round. It includes cocktail dresses, couture inspired gowns and amazing chiffon dresses. If I have a summer ball to go to (which will never happen, but I can dream) this would be my choice. I just had a thought. I love it so much that I might buy it and save it for my christmas party next year. I can't believe I am thinking about next christmas when we just celebrated one but the structure is simply stunning and I am in love!

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