Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Face Masks from Montagne Jeunesse for gorgeous skin

Happy New Year everyone!! I love the New Year as I always look ahead and think what exciting things are to come. January is traditionally a time to detox. If you are due back at work soon, you want to look refreshed and not show any signs of the partying the night away. A good face mask always helps here and the master of face masks has to be Montagne Jeunesse. They have a face mask for every skin type and every issue in lots of gorgeous scents so you can't go wrong.

A new addition to the Montagne Jeunesse family is the Very Berry. We all know berries are good for you and Very Berry is made with Cranberries and blueberries to give your skin all the antioxidant benefits and leaving feeling refreshed and cleansed. It is suitable for all types of skin. There is also Peach Kernel oil to moisturise so it is not going to leave you feeling dry or tight. It does not dry so all you need to do is apply generously around the face and relax for 10-15 and rinse off et voila! Oh yeah and it smells absolutely divine. 

The second new mask is the Virgin Olive Mask. Olive oil is a natural ingredient that purifies and cleanses the skin. The Virgin Olive Oil moisturises while Shea and Cocoa butter deep-cleanses the pores and Aloe Vera soothes. This is perfect for dry and sensitive skin as it gives a deep but gentle cleanse.  This does not dry either so it can be used the same as Very Berry.

Sometimes, we neglect our skin and it needs a little extra attention, especially in winter when the elements can really have an harsh effect. For times like these you need the big guns. Montagne Jeunesse have introduced Renew You, a 14 day intensive programme aimed at more mature skin to rejuvenate your skin and combat anti-aging. It is a 2 week programme consisting of a morning and evening regime of 19 treatments that hydrate, smooth and brighten your skin. What makes this special from the other masks on the market? It uses an advanced Hydrogel mask which is a soft and pre-formed gel fortified with active ingredients to deliver intense hydration. It is designed to stay close to facial contours and works with the skins own temperature, warming up to allow maximum absorption of the active ingredients. It is does not dry on the skin.

There are 2 programmes to choose from: Intense Hydration and Pure Radiance. If your skin is looking a bit dull and dry, the Intense Hydration programme is for you. It hydrates the skin leaving it supple and toned. The Pure Radiance is a repairing programme if your skin has lost elasticity and sagging. The programme restores elasticity, firms the skin and leaves bright, soft skin.

The Very Berry and Virgin Olive Masks are £1.01 available online where the current offer is 4 for 3! It does not get better than that. The Renew You programmes are £34.95 available in Boots and online. It may sound a like a lot for a mask but consider how much you would pay for a facial in a salon. This is 14 days of mask that deep cleanse, brighten, hydrate and firm and  you feel like you have been to a spa at the end.

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