Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Red Carpet Manicure - Gel Polish at home

How annoying is when you spend all that time doing your nails so they are nice and shiny and the next day they are dull or chipped? This is why I like gel polish. It last forever and it stays glossy like you just stepped out of a nail bar. However getting gel polish at a salon can be a bit expensive. So what if I said there is now at-home version allowing you to do your own gel polish in the comfort of your home whenever you like? Sounds good right? Enter Red Carpet Manicure.

I got try the kit and it was so easy to use and stayed on glossy until I had to pry it off. It only chipped on the side but it was barely noticeable. The kit comprises of everything you need including the LED light to cure. There are 36 colours from cobalt blue to classic red. This is Red Carpet Reddy and is 3 day old polish.

In the Professional kit you get and in the order you use them:
Purify Cleanser, Prep, Base Coat Gel, Gel Polish in the utterly fabulous Red Carpet Reddy, Brilliance Top Coat Gel, Cuticle Oil, Gel Polish remover and the LED light.

There is a portable starter kit and it has a battery operated light and takes a bit longer to cure. The best way to show you is see the kit in action so here's a little video I found.

However, because it stays on so well, getting it off is not easy. I tried to follow the instructions but it was hanging on in there. I just filed the stubborn pieces off and it did the trick.

The Professional Red Carpet Manicure Kit is £79.95 and the Portable Kit is £59.95. You may think it is expensive but compare it to what you would pay in a salon for a gel polish? It pays for itself in 3-4 manicures. If Red Carpet Reddy is not your colour, the other colours are £11.95. Ladies, we just do not have the time to be doing our nails every other day, or is that just me? A polish that stays for 2 weeks and longer sounds like heaven to me. You can get it from www.redcarpetmanicure.co.uk and it is currently in Harvey Nichols.

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