Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sarenza Heels

I believe shoes complete an outfit. The make it work and bring it all together. For some people, they start with a shoe and plan an outfit around them. Shopping for shoes for me is like being in a candy store. I love that feeling when you are dolled up wearing killer heels, you walk in to the room and you feel tall and confident. You look glamorous and that is the essence of this blog, feeling good about yourself. When I go shopping for heels, one of my favourite stops is Sarenza. Did you see my little preview of things to come? Smoking hot heels!

So I had a little look and chose my favourite pair. It was hard but I narrowed it down to this Iron Fist Gold Star Point heel. I think it is very glam heel and perfect for a night out so I created this look. I can even see paired with skinny jeans, skull tshirt and a leather jacket for rock chick look.
A night on the town

A few tidbits abouts Sarenza. Did you know...

1. Sarenza has over 400 brands and some of those are exclusive to Sarenza so you will not be able to get them anywhere else.
3. You can choose to be alerted about new arrivals from your favourite brand so that you never get there too late to find you shoe size is gone.
4. Let's say you forgot to set up the alert (and you say you love shoes!) no problem, Sarenza to the rescue. They have a waiting list so that if and when the size does come back in, you will be the first to know.
5. Every order before 12pm is dispatched the same day regardless of the type of the delivery you chose.

This is my entry into the Sarenza Ambassador competition.

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  1. Love those heels, the skulls make me think of McQueen



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