Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Best Beauty Advice

What is the best beauty advice you have heard? We all have that tip from our mum. Now you have the chance to get tips from the experts. Fashion and beauty bible, InStyle have teamed with leading department store, Selfridges, to give you a little black book of beauty secrets – Best Advice We’ve Ever Heard.

The best advice will be probed from the editors, celebrities, makeup artists and fellow readers. Once complete, it will be presented in a 40 page supplement with the September issue. There will be activity in Selfridges in May and September along with social media activity like tutorials and prizes.

I love when I can have a girly night in with a few friends and we can share stories while painting each other’s nails. This is a similar thing but on a national scale. How can you go wrong? Who knows what you might learn!

The best beauty advice I ever heard was from Lauren Conrad herself. I was a big fan of her since Laguna Beach and followed her escapades on The Hills and even now. She wrote a book named ‘Style’ and I recommend it as it has good advice on clothes that flatter you, hair and makeup. One tip that stuck with me is her eyeliner. She works Hollywood glam like no other with her signature eyeliner look with a winged tip. As much as I tried I could never recreate myself until I read how she does it.

1. Make sure your elbow is on an even surface like a dressing table. Unless you have an extremely steady hand, freestyle just will not work.

2. Next make starting from your inner corner draw a thin small by applying light pressure through to the outer edges. The more pressure you apply the thicker the line so start small as you can always reapply.

3. Now here’s the tricky part, the tick. Imagine your face is a clock with the vertical line down the centre of the face and your forehead is 12 and your left ear is 3. Draw the line like the hour for 2pm. Voila! Remember practice makes perfect!

Put your tip on Facebook and you might be featured in the book! Let us know in the comments below as well. We do not want to miss out!



  1. I want that book so badly :( but I can't find it in Morocco :(

  2. What a great idea, think I'll be picking up one of these when it's released. Love the blog and followed! x


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