Sunday, 20 March 2011

GeillyGreen and The Boutique Collection Review

I love that ‘just stepped out of a salon’ look. A good hair day can change your entire look. To help you get that look, hairdresser extraordinaires, Fred Geilly and Shai Greenberg established GeillyGreen and released the Boutique collection.

So what makes GeillyGreen different from the John Freidas and Toni & Guys of this world? It’s all down to the products inside. I got the chance to review some of the collection. The minerals used in the collection are mined from a unique location, at the lowest point on earth, 1500m deep inside the sea bed  by a hot spring. At this depth UV rays cannot penetrate and degrade them, meaning they are so pure they become supercharged. These minerals provide superior nutrition for hair as they are absorbed directly into the follicle, in addition their super-charge boosts the effectiveness of all the other ingredients. The range has no synthetic fragrance or parabens as the product is 95% natural. 

So what are they like to use? The Classic Shampoo will cleanse and add shine to your hair. It made my  hair smell beautiful, almost like a sweet lemon smell and not overpowering. The shampoo is light and leaves no residue. My hair was fluffy and shiny after using this. Amazing!

If you use lots of heat or coloring, your hair may need a repair mask which can restore your hair to tip-top condition. Step in Repair Mask by GeillyGreen. The Repair Mask is a mud-based formula to thouroughly nourish your hair by penetrating the hair cuticle. If your hair is in need of a deep hair treatment, this can really help. I applied to the scalp and wrapped in a hot towel and let the heat work for about ten minutes. Rinse and voila! My hair was soft and completely tamed. 

One of the most useful products for me was the Argan Rescue. I should start off by saying my hair is frizzy, wild and has a mind of its own. I have tried every serum going with various results. Argan Rescue is a natural non-greasy remedy that revives weak, tired and dull hair while smoothing frizz. I added a few drops throughout the hair evenly and brushed through. It definitely added shine and made my glossy. There were still flyaways but I think that is down to my hair being supremely difficult. Argan Rescue did the best it could as I have yet to meet a product that can calm my hair.

You can buy the The Boutique Collection by GeillyGreen here.

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