Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Fearne Cotton Makeup Review

Fearne Cotton is known for her style, wit and beauty. Her makeup is always immaculate with dramatic eyeliner or red lips. So to help us get her look, last year she teamed up with Boots and released a makeup range titled Fearne, exclusive to Boots. Now she’s back with a new collection featuring new products and updated colours. The lovely people at Boots gave me a chance to try out the range and look at the new collection.

First up is the set called ‘It’s all about the lips’. It comes in natural, red and a purple colour. In the set, you get a lip liner, lipgloss and lipstick all to match. I have to say the packaging is exquisite; I almost did not want to take it out of the box. Read on to see the look I created and more products from Fearne's collection...

In the picture I have all 3 products on to create the whole natural look. For daytime this is perfect. A stand-out feature is the lipgloss which uses a clickwheel so when you twist it once, you get just the right amount of gloss. A lot of thought has been put in to making quick to use while on the go and functionality. For a sexy evening look, I recommend the red lips set. Red lips are so sexy and glamorous. With this set you have the whole look instead of buying separates.

To finish a look, I love nail polish in a bright shade which screams look at me. As spring and summer is on its way, inject some colour and go bright with your nail polish. Fearne’s collection is full of brights including these coral and turquoise shades. They are on the watery side so you will need two coats of polish. Once applied, the colours really pop. The coral is beautiful for summer and I will definitely be wearing this.

For the eyes, Fearne has chunky eye liners and shimmer eye shadows. The eyeliners are really soft and blend in well. They come in various colours to suit your eye colour, including peacock and nude. I found the eye liner easy to apply and easy to go from a thin to thick line on the eyeline. The eyeshadow has a lot of shimmer so it is best kept to the evening. I am not a shimmer person but if you want to sparkle, you cannot go wrong here. There are six colours to choose from including peacock which will suit blue eyes. I tried out the gold below.

 Available in Boots stores now and online now. Prices range from £5 to £10. Any pieces catch your eye? What will you buy?


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