Friday, 25 March 2011

Essex Fashion Week

OK, I admit I am a fan of The Only Way is Essex. Why? I live in Essex and I love it!!! So when I heard about Essex Fashion Week first mentioned on the show I simply had to go. It’s not all white stilettos and mini-skirts I can assure you, unless you have been to Romford and in that case you might be forgiven for thinking differently as the girls there clearly do not feel the cold. There were several brands on display and some of them were actually very good. If you do not believe me, see for yourself below. See if you can spot Nanny Pat! 

First up was New look showing their new season. One of the best items was this cherry print dress. Cherries seem to be in this season with lots of print. A thin red belt gives it a waist and the dress comes above the knee. Delicious!   

This New Look skirt makes me think of picnics, sunshine and all things summer! 

New Look have also launched  IDOL which is rocker chic. The collection includes lots of mesh, cutouts and sequins. The pieces are standout and really catch your eye.

OOOY is a menswear line designed by the founders of Essex Fashion Week themselves, Adam and Simon Ryan, they get around don’t they? OOOY stands for One Off One You to represent individuality. The line is really good so I just had to feature it. The blazers with two tone sleeves are fantastic. I just wish they did a women’s line!

Kids are not forgotten as the collection from Sweet Boy Sweet Girl was shown. How cute are they!

Justin Bieber eat your heart out!

Ladies, the best is for last. You may not have heard of MASATO but trust me you will soon. It is always good when you see an upcoming new designer as the designs are so fresh and full of passion. His cut and fit and nothing short of stunning! Many pieces were beautiful but these are ones are to die for.

Nanny Pat and Jessica Childs!

Jessica looking fab on the runway in Newlook.
 Thank you to Sassi PR for an amazing event! Looking forward to the next one.



  1. looks fun. I love the cherry sun dresds! -xxoo


  2. Hi!

    What a great piece on Essex Fashion Week, love the photos! Can even see Sassi PR in the front row!

    Was lovely meeting you, and hopefully see you soon.

    Sassi PR Team


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