Friday, 3 June 2011

New CID Cosmetic Review

New CID Cosmetics is a makeup brand I have always been interested in and wanted to try but never got the chance. So when I got to try some of the products I was ecstatic. The colours were very complementary and suited me perfectly. I got to try four products which all together give a shimmering glow. First up for the skin is i-glow shimmer powder.

The signature look I go for is a glowing but natural look. The marbelised powder is in Coral Crush gives a subtle shimmer with pink pigmentation. I used it on areas the sun would hit for a more natural effect.

For a night out I would be a bit more generous around the face. This can also be used a blusher. It is the type of product which you can wear when your skin is looking a bit dull and it will perk your face up.£24

The i-shimmer is a chunky stick i used to highlight areas I want around the face.
One end has the colour and the other end has a sponge which you use to blend it in.

I used the Marshmallow colour it to highlight the top of the cheeks and brow bone. It is really soft and easy to blend in. It also comes with a large sharpener. £17.50

The i-flick is a double-ended eyeliner. One end has a thin liquid liner and the other has a kohl pencil for more smoky effect.

I like my eyeliner precise as I love a long tick on the end for a glamorous look. On the swatch below, the eye liner is the lines on the top and the pencil is on the bottom.
The pencil is very soft and can be smudged easily.  I was amazed when I tried to take the eye liner off and it refused to come off! Incredible staying power. My only gripe is I would have like the liquid liner to be a bit thicker so I can do a thicker line without having to go over it. £18.50

One of the best sellers is the i-gloss.
Another lip gloss you say? Oh no. It has a mirror on one side of the case and built-in lights which light up when you open it. The best thing is the lights. Perfect for when you need to retouch. The lights will help if it is dark and can't see. I hate it when I use lipgloss and it smudges over the lips. i-gloss saves you the hassle as you always have the mirror to hand.
The colour is moonstone and it is very shiny. It is a very natural colour with a touch of pink flecks. £16

You can get New CID Cosmetics online and certain Debenhams and House of Fraser stores.


  1. Is that the coral i-glow one? I bought it too and this is one of my favourite blushers of all times!!
    If you haven't tried the i-gel, you should, it is so amazing!
    I'll keep an eye for the eye shimmer, it looks like an amazing product...

  2. @Beauty Addict, it is the coral i-glow. Love it so much and has quickly become a staple in my makeup bag. Glad you like it to!
    I will definitely look into i-gel


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