Monday, 20 June 2011

Pedicure Time... step by step

Well it is pouring and rain outside so I am sitting indoors thinking what should I do? Hmmm, Pedicure time! June usually means a little bit of sunshine (clearly not today) so outcome the flip flops, open toes and shoes to show the feet off. But your feet need to be ready. After months of winter, rain, painful heels, step in Ms Pedicure.

So here is a step by step pedicure and what's new from Ms Pedicure. I am using Ms Pedicure Sweet Feet Kit which has 5 items all in a cute tote bag to keep everything together. Don't want nothing go missing now!

1. Use toenail clipper to trim toenails. What is different about this clipper is it has a secure rubber handle for non-slip grip. When using the metal-grip ones, I have had them slip from fingers and fly across the room. You will not drop these at all. Get Snippy! You can prevent ingrown hairs by clipping straight across and avoiding the nail corners.

2. Take the sharp edges way by filing the toenails with the Curved Salon Board from the Sweet Feet Kit.

3. Soak feet in hot water. If you have a Foot Spa which you can place your feet in while watching TV, great. Alternatively, go for the pampered and luxurious approach and soak in a hot bath. Dreamy.

4. Use the brand new from Ms Pedicure Smooth & Sweet Sugar Foot Tool to take all the rough skin and callouses away. I have a lot of dry skin around my heels and I have found a lot of pumice stones I have used do not get it as smooth as I would like. The Sugar Foot Tool is very strong and got all the skin. I was so impressed. Baby soft skin!

5 Exfoliate the whole foot with the Exfoliating Foot Scrub from the Sweet Feet set smoothing ankles, between toes and everywhere the Sugar Foot Tool can't get to.

6. Dry your super soft feet and massage the Moisture-Rich Foot Lotion from the Sweet Feet set.

7. My favourite part, polish! Use the toe separators in the Sweet Feet set so no mistakes happen. For summer go loud and bright with your polish.

8. The fun does not stop there. You have to make sure you look after your feet after your pedicure. Ms Pedicure help you along the way by including insoles which can be cut to your size to cushion your feet and keep them comfortable.

Now you ready to get sandals out, go on holiday or just admire your handiwork. Rain, please go away so I go out with some lovely open-toes

I tried out the Sweet Feet set, Sugar Foot Tool and Toe Clipper. The stand out item being the Sugar Foot Tool. I am amazed how strong and rough it is. I can honestly say my feet have never felt so good. For a holiday set, the Sweet Feet Kit is perfect as it has everything you packed in it.

Ms Pedicure are available at Boots now. The Sweet Feet Kit is £11.99, the Smooth & Sweet Sugar Foot Tool is £5.15. The toe clipper is included in some of the Pedicure sets like Best in Toe and Toe-Riffic.

Tell me about your pedicure tips in the comments...

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