Sunday, 26 June 2011

New skincare range from the sk:n experts

sk:n is the UK's No.1 skin clinic and they have now announced a new skincare ranged formulated by the experts. They have the leading UK's dermatologists so they know a thing or two about skincare. The collection is split into 5 treatment areas so whatever your skin type need to work on, sk:n have what you need. Each range is colour coded so you easily identify what you need.

The Cleanse & Exfoliate range has 3 Vitamin Rich Cleansers and 2 Facial Exfoliating Cleansers. The vitamins and moisturising lipids ensure your skin does not dry out. I tried the Vitamin Rich Cleanser for normal/combination skin and I can testify my skin felt fresh and clean without a hint of dryness. The Facial Exfoliating Cleansers contain glycolic acid and are like very mild chemical peels. Instead of using exfoliating creams and concentrating on the T-zone which can sometimes leave the skin sore, the Facial Exfoliating Cleansers will provide gentle, even exfoliation all around the face. You get a mild tingling sensation to tell you its is working.

The Anti-Blemish range is to help oily and acne prone skin.  The 5 products contains salicylic acid and is designed to improve skin texture and prevent further breakouts. The Blemish Control Lotion, Maintenance Serum, Pore Refining Lotion, Skin Hydrator and Intense Spot Lotion. The Blemish Control Lotion is for when you have a breakout and goes directly on to the spot to dry it out. The Maintenance Serum is to keep the spots at bay. I like how it is a preventative product.

Sun protection is crucial these days. SPF products should be a necessary part of your skincare routine to protect against UV rays. To help, sk:n have the Repair & Protect range. All the products include Alpine Rose extract which is clinically proven to reduce stress to skin from UVA exposure. There are 3 products in the range comprising of 2 sunscreens, SPF 30 and SPF50 and an Aloe Vera Gel to cool and calm irritated or sun-burnt skin. Some sun protection products only have SPF 15 and it is recommended you use at least 30 SPF. So if you are going on holiday this summer, look after yourself.

The Corrective range is deigned to reduce facial redness and pigmentation. The range has 2 products. The Anti-Redness Face Cream relieves irritation and strengthen the skin's barrier for an even skin tone. The Brightening Cream reduces the darker pigmentation caused by melanin overproduction and evens the skin tone.

You may think you are too young for anti-aging products. However, how does Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer look so good? They started their anti-aging skincare early on. The most prominent product for me from the Anti-Aging range is the Age Delaying Cream. Designed for younger skin, it can delay the first signs of aging. Other products in the range include Moisturiser, Anti-aging Treatment cream, Brightening & Firming Eye Cream, Neck Firming cream and a Hand cream. You can wear all the makeup and do all the nipticks you like but the neck and hands always show the signs of age so do not forget about them.

What stands out about the collection is the ingredients. They are full of vitamins, SPF, and natural ingredients. If you go to a sk:n clinic you can get a bespoke skin consultation where they scan your skin and provide advice on what you need. The entire range is available in sk:n clinics and in Boots on 4th July, with prices starting at an affordable £8 going up to £29. Find more information and your nearest sk:n clinic on the website.

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