Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Filofax Blogger Style Off

I am very excited to be taking part in the Filofax Blogger Style Off. Filofax are giving bloggers the chance to create a style based on the Apex organisers (which are amazing BTW). I chose the green as it all about colour blocking. The decision for me was between the green and blue and green won.

Once we have styled our look, a photo will be uploaded to Filofax's Facebook page. The wise public will then vote for their favourite. I will shamelessly canvass for votes from fans and everyone I can think off. So beware! The winner gets 12 Filofaxes to give away on their blog so if you want one you can get voting from 9th June.

I received mine in the post today. It has everything I need to organise my life, diary, contact details and numerous slots for business cards. I am the most forgetful person on earth so I desperately need this.

Having canvassed the competition, I really should have gone for the blue. The beautiful green seems to have been a favourite. Great minds think alike!

1 comment

  1. You're not wrong, the green is lovely! :) xxx


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