Saturday, 29 October 2011

Christian Louboutin - Les 20 Ans

There is one word that makes me quiver, one shoe that makes me salivate. Louboutin. A few weeks ago it was announced all over the blogosphere that in honour of his 20 years of hard work, Christian Louboutin  is releasing Les 20 Ans, a 20th anniversary book. It is now on sale and to coincide, Christian Louboutin has releases videos of what went into making this book. It is behind the scenes at the photo shoots.

What I would have given to have a been a fly on the wall that day! The video includes Dita Von Teese, Kristin Scott Thomas, Mika and Gareth Thomas to name a few. There is a lot of skin on show. It is all about the shoes! Did you know Christian Louboutin collaborates with Dita and makes all her shoes for her shows? Lucky lucky lady! My love affair with CL continues!

The book cover above

Love these but nowehere near brave enough!

I have also had a peek at the new collection for SS12, unfortunately I could not take photos but I can tell you it is fabulous. Expect studs, spikes, jewels and lots of colour. There was a pair of shoes with long spikes on the toe area mixed with jewels. Fabulous!

On a complete random sidenote, do you have nickname for Louboutin shoes? Loobies? Christy Loobs? I always hear the funniest nicknames for the shoes. Tell me in the comments.

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