Saturday, 22 October 2011

Nutribeauty for all your beauty needs

I have discovered the most amazing natural beauty site where you can buy products without chemical overload. If you have sensitive or problem skin, it is maybe one of 2 things. You are probably using the wrong products for your skin type or putting the wrong things into your body and the toxins provide skin problems. Well online beauty boutique, Nutribeauty may be able to help. They have a holistic approach and the brands they have are relatively green. Some of brands you can see on the site include Heaven, Neal's Yard, Dr Hauschka and Trilogy to name a few. Here are some of brands and products in a bit more detail.

The most unique brand was Genki. Genki aims to bring some of the top beauty secrets from Japan to you. The product that I have fallen in love with is the Konnyaku Sponge. Konnyaku is a popular southeast asian vegetable, rich in minerals and traditionally used in Japanese beauty treatments. The plant fibre structure of konnyaku exfoliates but does not leave the skin raw like some exfoliators can. This is ideal for people with sensitive skin as it is very gentle yet provides a deep cleanse. You can use with cleanser or by itself. It does come in 3 types, original for normal and sensitive skin, Pink Clay for dry skin as it has moisturising properties, Bamboo Charcoal for oily skin. The best thing is it only costs £10.

Heaven is an organic skincare range created by Deborah Mitchell. Heaven's signature product is the Bee Venom Mask which Deborah uses on Kate Middleton and was used in the royal wedding (or so they say!). Simply put, it is the natural alternative to Botox. I know, I know, so many claim the exact same thing. Well let me ask you how can Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Kate all be wrong? I think we are on to a winner here. The bee venom works to control the facial muscles to lift and tighten the face. Bee warned, it is venom so you can expect tingling but nothing painful. No bees are harmed to make the mask!

Heaven also have SOS oil to the rescue. It is a multi-purpose product designed to treat all manner of skin problems including eczema, dry skin, blackheads and spots. There seems to a lot of beauty oils out there now but it was interesting to see if it lived up to the claim. It did, partly. It definitely helped my dry skin and my skin has a much more even skin-tone. I think it is very important for winter months. My only gripe is it I did not see much difference in blackheads or spots but then again no product has managed to work a miracle. I am not quite sure how adding more oil to a blackhead is meant to help? Is not meant to be less oil? What I did like is you add it to your cleanser or moisturiser to give you super soft skin.

Suti is new holistic skincare brand that has been around for a year.The range includes hand-blended facial oils, balms and body butters. Suti is named after the founders, Suzanne Jenkins and Tina Steadman. The products are made with principles from aromatherapy, homeopathy and energising crystals which I think make it a unique brand. One of their hero products is the Rejuvenate Face Oil. Having tried it, I found it is moisturising and very uplifting. It smells amazing as it contains Rosehip Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Argan Oil and Frankincense. I will be reviewing their Facial Cleanser very soon so look out for it.

Antipodes is a skincare brand from New Zealand. They have a new product, Saviour Skin Balm. It is a balm for your everyday skin troubles from dry skin, chapped lips and easing sunburn. . It is scientifically shown to stimulate synthesis of Type III collagen by more than 95% and Type I collagen by 61%. Type III helps to renew cells to contirbute towards repair of damaged skin and Type I supports younger looking skin.

For an amazing multi-purpose product, PURE Papaya Ointment is an a skincare essential. It is something for your makeup bag and medicine cabinet. Not only does it soothe and protect your skin, it can be a lip balm, soothes minor burns and insect bites, eczema and oddly enough, aftercare of tattoos.

I have scratched the surface of the brands and products. I think of Nutribeauty as the ASOS of natural and organic products. See all the brands and products on their website.

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