Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Diamonique from QVC Pop-Up shop

People I am back!!! I have been going to lots of press events so I have lots of exciting things to tell you but first things first, Diamonique at QVC. I am true believer in the saying "Diamonds are a girl's best friend". However, for us mere mortals a diamond may not be in the budget. Diamonique have the most beautiful simulations of diamonds at a fraction of the cost. To celebrate the launch of 3 new categories of Diamonique, QVC had a pop up shop on Tuesday 11th October with a little lady you may recognise...

Undoubtedly the best Julia Roberts lookalike I have seen. QVC had replica pieces of iconic jewellery. The necklace from Pretty Woman, hence the Julia Roberts live mannequin. My favourite has to be the yellow diamond necklace from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I love that move and I love the yellow dress from the movie. I remember going on a hunt for the similar dress when I first saw the movie, I was so obsessed. What I would give for this beauty!

They also had the the Ocean necklace from Titanic. If I cannot have the yellow necklace, these beautiful yellow earrings will suit me nicely! I cannot believe they are only £50.50.

Here are some lovely little pieces from Diamonique...

If you like what you see, have a shop online at QVC

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