Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Combat Winter Skin with Melvita

Isn't it getting a bit chilly these days? I was shivering all day today. One thing that suffers during winter is your skin. The cold can dry out your skin and leave it dehydrated. Melvita is the largest certified organic beauty brand in France. They offer products for the face, bath and food supplements. In November, they are launching their new Apicosma range.

Now what makes this special from the millions of skincare products out there? The 3 Honey Complex, which is a unique combination of honey ingredients to treat the causes of dry skin. That means it does not just create a sweet smelling creamy layer on your skin which lasts all of 30 minutes and your skin is as dry as a bone, but it actually treats the cause of dry skin. How does it do that, you ask?

The 3 honeys used are Thyme, Acacia and Orange Blossom. I met the Head of Research & Development at their launch recently and he described the technology behind the products. When creating the Apicosma range, they were trying to see which was best honey and see what effects each honey provided. It turns out that when combined, the new 'super-honey' had unexpected, new effects. Not only does it replenish nutrients in the skin, it regenerates the skin cells to create a thicker epidermis and strengthen the skin. A thin epidermis is a cause of dry skin so this is how it fights dry skin and makes it completely different to other skin ranges.

Now not everywhere on the body is dry. Some areas will have dry patches. So Melvita have the Apicosma Ultra Nourishing Body Balm and most definitely my favourite. It is a rich body balm to target the dry areas and smells amazing. Wonderful for mild eczema sufferers like me!

For a more everyday product there is the Skin Softening Nourishing Body Milk. It is less rich than the Body Balm and rapidly absorbs into the skin leaving it super soft. For your hands which often get forgotten about in winter there is Apicosma Extra Rich Hand Cream which left my hands feeling amazing.

For people with dry skin, this range does the trick. You can buy Melvita from their Flagship store in Covent Garden and

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