Sunday, 2 October 2011

New Frontcover kits!

Frontcover can only be described as beauty products for the fashionista. Whatever shade you need, Frontcover has it. If you have not heard of Frontcover, (where have you been?), they  release limited edition beauty collections twice a year. The collections include complete kits for the lips, eyes and nails. I recently got the chance to meet one of the co-founders who told me about the inspiration and what goes on behind the scenes.

What I love about Frontcover is it reflects the fashion season and is takes inspiration from the catwalk. There are instructions on every box on how to get the look and give some handy tips. So here's a few of my favourite kits from the new collection. If you want everything in one box, you need Style Queen. The kit is full of makeup essentials including brushes. It has eyeshadows in various shades and tones, pigments, lip glosses to name a few things. It also has Shadowline. Shadowline turns any eyeshadow into an eyeliner as you dip it in and becomes a liquid paste.You get the whole box for £35. For what you get inside, it is an absolute steal as separately you would pay so much more.

The next kit is Gilt Edged. For a bronzed shimmer look, this is amazing. The kit includes a shimmer stick, metallic eye pencil in gold and copper shades, pigments and eyeshadow to complement the look and holographic glitter which can be used on it's own or over pigments. Perfect to warm up for winter! This is £25.

There is a huge increase in nail art ad I have seen a lot of funky designs. So why don't you create your own design using the Brush Work. You get 4 pots to create your own nail art, including stars,teardrop crystals, square and round crystals. You get some nail glue so you can stick everything on, a nail art brush for straight lines and 3 nail art transfers. £20.

A lot of people are afraid to try red lips. There is a shade out there for you, you just have to find it. Just because a bright red does not suit you, does not mean a more subtle coral will not look amazing on you. Front Cover have it covered with Airkiss. 20 lipsticks from nudes to fuchsia to browns. No matter your hair colour or tone there is a shade to suit you so why not experiment? Few things look better than a red hot lip and it is all over the catwalk. £20

Being a bit of nail polish addict, Fingerprint is right up my streak. It has 6 metallic polishes, a glitter top coat and 2 nail buffers. I love these colours! £14
This little beauty is A Billion Stars.
For a night out this can help create a starry eyed look. As well as the eye shadows, you get a pot of stars which you can use on the side of the face. You get Shadowbase which is a eyeshadow primer. The colours in the palette are interchangeable so pick what colours you like.
A lot of work goes on behind the scenes, even down to how long and thick the nail art brush should be to give the perfect design. You can get Frontcover in Boots now and you will see more kits in stores. Let me know what you get!

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