Saturday, 15 October 2011

Murad Hybrid Range

I cam across Murad which is a doctor skincare brand with a different approach. I had the privilege of meeting the founder, Dr Howard Murad, M.D at the launch the new Hybrid range. His philosophy is that skincare comes from not only what you put on the skin but what you put in your body.

We all know we should have at least 8 glasses of water per day but do we all actually keep to it? I am a culprit as I do not drink nowhere near as much water as I should. But something Dr Murad pointed out that water comes in many forms. A lot of our food contains water for example cucumber have a high water content. Essentially, you can 'eat' your water. This is what he called the Science of cellular water. As we get older our cells lose water. The more water we lose, the more we begin to age prematurely. So somehow we need to replace this lost water. What makes Murad different is it has a two-pronged approach to healthy skin. Eat healthy with lots of water and use the right products for your skin type. However as we all know it is not as easy as it sounds! Here is Dr Murad's Pitcher of Health. It shows very clearly what we should be eating for healthy skin from the inside out.

As we can see water and supplements make up a small part. Vegetables, protein and whole grains are important and can do your skin wonders.

As for what you put on the skin, Murad have launched the Hybrid range. It aims to disguise flaws and improve the skin's health. There are 4 new products in the range. There are 2 skin-perfecting primers and 2 eye lifts.

The skin-perfecting primers come in a dewy and matte finish. It has a universal shade so whatever your shade, it will match your tone. A subtle tint helps to disguise flaws and even skin-tone. I tried the dewy finish which gives a luminous glow. This has definitely become my new primer. The matte finish is good for people with oily skin who want to be shine-free.

The 2 eye lifts are the Eye Lift Illuminator and Eye Lift Perfector. You can use the Eye Lift Illuminator to hide dark circles and brighten up the eyes. It has violet tint which gives the eyes that glow and counteracts dark circles. The Eye Lift Perfector increases firmness and evens skin tone as it has a natural tint.

Murad is available in leading salons including Urban Retreat at Harrods and The Mayfair Hotel Spa.

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