Thursday, 22 March 2012

Nobody Jeans

For many ladies, the quest for decent jeans is never-ending. Some do not fit right, others are not the right colour. Well I have come across a brand that you may well like. Nobody is an Australian jeans label who love, love, love their denim. They have been around since 1999 and source some of the best possible fabric from Japan, US and Europe. Having felt some of the jeans, I fell in love with the quality. What makes Nobody different is you can customise your choice for you. Like a certain fit but want it in a certain colour. No problem!

 This is the Cult Skinny fit. Cult is their high-waisted type of jeans and sucks everything in.  
They have skinnies (of course), cropped jeans, bootcut and shorts. They have a core line comprising of the staple jeans and colours and then they amend the colours to suit the fashion trends at the time. For example you will always get the Cult Skinny, Mod Skinny, Mod Straight fits, it is just the colours that change. At the latest press day I saw some corduroys in a deep mulberry brown. Here is more of the collection. 
 This is the Mod Skinny fit. Mod meaning mid-rise . You can see it is a little longer in the leg. 
 This is the Mod Straight. 

Prices are about £150 range so similar to Diesel. You can get Nobody Jeans at Donna Ida (jeans heaven), Harvey Nichols and Fenwicks. What do you think?

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  1. I'm a little wary of the high waist + skinny, but I love those red ones. They look flattering.


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