Thursday, 8 March 2012

Radical Skincare Launches in UK

Radical Skincare is a brand that has been around in the US for a while and now it is coming to the UK. People in the US rave about this so I was very interested to try it. It the brainchild of sisters, Liz and RachelEdlich who have worked in the skincare industry for years. Liz started to see some ageing effects and found nothing on the market that gave her the results she wanted so Radical Skincare was born.

Most of us know that free radicals is the main factor in premature ageing. Free radicals are factors like sun and pollution damage which affect our skin on a daily basis. To combat free radicals we need antioxidants which are the most effective weapon. A lot of skincare brands claim to have antioxidants in them however they normally contain only one or two antioxidants which is not enough. There are numerous types of free radicals and they require different antioxidants to neutralise them. Why is Radical Skincare radical? The products contain 15 antioxidants in any single bottle. It has actually been tested to be 300% more potent in antioxidant protection that other leading brands. Another breakthrough Radical Skincare have achieved is retaining the potency of antioxidants because usually when antioxidants are placed in skincare creams they begin to breakdown and lose their power. Another question that was raised was looking at fruits which are antioxidants like berries, pomegranate and prunes, they are all very bright in colour. So how can you extract the antioxidant and all its power but look at the skin cream and it is white? So you will find Radical Skincare products have a brown-ish colour to ensure the antioxidant are as potent as they should be.

Enough of the science, lets talk about the products. It is a six line range which is simple to use and works for all skin types. The range includes a Cleanser, Exfoliating pads, Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum, Youth Infusion Serum, Moisture Cream, Eye Revive Cream and a Firming Neck and Decollete Gel. The hero product is the Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum. The Serum increases collagen and elasticity in a few weeks. It is a bronze texture to it and gives the skin a lovely glow. I use this under my eyes and you can use anywhere you feel the need.

I also got the chance to try the Anti-Ageing Restorative Moisture. I love the smell of this. My skin began to fell a little dry a few hours after so I would usually top it up with a heavier moisturiser for dry skin.

Here is the lady herself, Liz Edlich and myself. Liz tries to encourage radical behaviour and essentially if you have a dream of something you want to do, go for it. She is incredibly inspiring and I created a moodboard of things that I want for myself in the future. She encourages ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Radical Skincare is aimed as an anti-ageing range. I am quite young and I do not have any wrinkles (that I can see) and only slightly uneven skintone. Therefore this is not quite aimed at me. I think the technology behind it great. The best advert for the brand is Liz herself who looks amazing at 48 years of age. It is a high end brand and is available at Harrods from 9th March 2012. The Anti-Ageing Restorative Moisture costs £100 and the other products are close to that price but I am not sure of the exact prices.

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