Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Warehouse collaborate with Brat & Suzie

I love a good collaboration and the latest one is Warehouse and Brat & Suzie. Warehouse is a staple shop for me so I am super excited about this. Brat & Suzie have exclusively designed some tshirts in various fits and cute animal designs. The designs are intricate with lots of quirky detail and include a bespectacled squirrel in a turquoise colour which is perfect for spring and my personal favourite.

Brat & Suzie is a label born in 2009 and is the work of twin sisters, Charlotte and Polly Vickery. The name Brat & Suzie comes from their childhood pet names and celebrates their love of animals and it shows in their work. Following a pitch on Dragon's Den, they got a cult following and I am now officially a convert. The tshirts start from £22 and are available now from Warehouse

How cool is the apache indian owl design? 


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  1. I really like those shirts. Very different and the colors are beautiful, in time for the season. Love your blog. Please feel free to visit my blog You have a new follower. xoxo Janita :-)


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