Thursday, 12 April 2012

Caudalie Vinosource

A few weeks ago, Caudalie launched their Vinosource range. Caudalie are a french brand known for their antioxidant and anti-aging products. They research some of the latest technology to make their products unique. What the Vinosource range different is the key ingredient, organic grape water. It is a micellar water that, like thermal spa water, contains trace elements along with specific sugars to give it a dual power to soothe and hydrate the skin. There are 5 products in the range, each targeted at a different skintype.

I got the chance to try the SOS Thirst Quenching Serum from the range which is their hero product. It is aimed at dehydrated skin. During this season, I find the weather can change in an instant and my skin can react badly if it is not hydrated and moisturised. I used to often get dry, flaky skin halfway during the day. I started using it day and night and my skin transformed. Within a few days, I no longer got dry patches. First thing I noticed when using it was how light it is. I am used to using heavy creams for dry skin so I was sceptical. I could not have been wrong. Apparently it is all down to the organic grape water.  Essentially, it has hydrating and soothing properties which help water reach your epidermis and keep it hydrated.What is so special about organic grape water? Organic grape water is made from vines. During the winter, vines hibernates and store their water which is enriched by nutrients from the soil. When the warm weather returns the vines fill the grapes with water and all its nutrients, ready to be harvested. It is all these natural plant-based nutrients that makes it special. Why do you think red wine is good for you? (in moderation of course!).

Other products in the range are the Moisturising Sorbet which has a gel consistency and turns to water on contact.It is aimed at sensitive skin as the texture is very soft and soothing. The Moisturising Matifying Fluid is for oily skin looking to reduce shine. The Moisture Recovery Cream is for dry skin as it replaces lipids. The Intense Moisture Rescue Cream is for very dry and dehydrated skin as it has a butter-like texture and is perfect to protect against harsh weather conditions. These moisturisers are to be used in conjunction with the serum.

The serum costs £29 and the moisturisers cost £22. You can get Caudalie from selected department stores like Debenhams and online at Escentual, Feel Unique and

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