Saturday, 7 April 2012

Michael Kors AW12

If it is one brand that I lust after, it is Michael Kors. From the clothes, shoes to the incredible watches, I need it all. Michael Kors watches are a blogger favourite, hell it's everyone's favourite. I have been tossing up whether to get one for a few months now. At the recent press day I went in and actually tried one on. It actually spoke to me and said 'Amanda, you have to buy me', 'Buy me or else'. Well who was I to argue. I did not buy it right there and then but rest assured I will be in possession of a Michael Kors very soon. Anyway, a little preview of the new AW12 collection from Michael Kors.

 You can expect lots and lots of fur and of different types.

 Fabulous ring...
Personally fur coats are a bit too mature for me and also I don't want to be mobbed by PETA or anyone anti-fur. It is luxurious, the colour is amazing and I have never felt something so soft as this...

 The new watches for AW12. There goes my bank balance....
Does anyone have a Michael Kors watch? I want a rose gold one. What are your thoughts? 


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