Sunday, 22 April 2012

Docteur Renaud Review

Although you cannot tell by the weather, it is getting closer to summer. Women are getting ready to go their summer holiday. That can mean more time in the gym and it can also mean getting rid of cellulite with creams. One of latest cellulite busting creams is Docteur Renaud Grapefruit Slimming Concentrate Cream-Gel. Docteur Renaud is a highly respected french brand specialising in natural cosmetology which focuses on the benefits of plants for the skin. 

I have trying Docteur Renaud Grapefruit Slimming Concentrate Cream-Gel for a while now. The aim of the cream is to make the skin more refined, firm and reduce the appearance of cellulite. You apply morning and evening and massage into the skin. You can guess there is grapefruit in it but there is also Macadamia and Sweet Almond Oils to moisturise the skin. First thing noticed was the refreshing scent. I can smell the grapefruit but it is not overpowering. The active ingredients work to also reduce fat and water retention. 

So the all important question, does it work? My skin definitely felt and looked smoother. I lost a few centimetres as my clothes feel looser. Sorry, I did not measure myself! Although I was going to the gym in this period so the weight loss was a mixture of the two. The cream is absorbed easily and does not on the skin. In my opinion, definitely a product that gives results. 

There are many ranges in Docteur Renaud, each for a different skintype. For example, raspberry for hydration, Lime for purifying and good for oily skin and Iris for anti-aging are just a few. Docteur Renaud is available from and in French beauty salons for any french readers. The Docteur Renaud Grapefruit Slimming Concentrate Cream-Gel is £42.


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