Friday, 6 April 2012

The Rising Stars of Fashion and Jewellery

I always find the smaller brands interesting. They are innovative and make you rethink how you wear something. At a recent press day, I discovered four rising stars that blew me away. First up is jewellery designer, Eleanor Bolton. The pieces are made using a  unique craft technique perfected at the Royal College of Art. It is all hand-stitched cotton rope coils and really make a statement. Here is Eleanor herself wearing one of her necklaces.

A favourite piece of mine. Her current collection is colourful so she has kept in black and white for AW12 with gold elements.

I saw these shoes and they stopped me in my tracks. Shoes by Bryan is created by Bryan Oknyansky who is an award winning architect as well as award-winning shoe designer. His architecture shows through in his designs as they are definitely unique. I can only describe Shoes by Bryan as outrageously statement works of art. His new collection has a lot of wood and is inspired by nature. The new collection, Born Again, ranges from £500 to £900. Now the question is, are they wearable? Well how adventurous are you?

The third designer is K.Brat founded in 2008 by Keren Brat. Lots of leather, wools and silk make up the luxurious collection. The pieces are very wearable like the dress below. It is inspired by Entomology, the study of insects so you will see a lot of insect prints. A little odd, I know as I hate insects with every fibre, but the prints are really nice and I would definitely wear it. This hot dress has deep V-necklace and front zip detail.

For more amazing jewellery, I found Gina Melosi. She used broken glass to create her collection so you can see the shards in the collection which have been cast in silver, white rhodium or rose gold. This necklace is my favourite piece with the lava beads and would kill for it. It's around the £400 mark. You can get Gina Melosi from Kabiri boutiques and online.

What do you think? Seen anything cool lately? Tell me in the comments


  1. LOVE Eleanor Bolton and Gina Melosi!! two very talented designers.

  2. really really awesome collection!! I like most these. Thanks.

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