Monday, 4 April 2011

Bargain Hunt!

Hello! Just a quick post to tell you some beautiful items I just purchased.

Warehouse is one of my favourite shops with their beautiful dresses and it is affordable. Walking past today, I noticed they had a sale on. Well, I just had to go in. I saw this necklace which I think is a stunning statement piece. I like to have a statement piece with every look. It is something that draws the eye and for me this is one of them.

The chain is linked with 3 colours, gold, silver and a bronze-type colour. It was priced at £16 which I thought was a little over-priced but it was surrounded by sale items so I decided why not ask? It paid off because it was 1/3 of the price! When the assistant told me £5 I jumped for joy and made her laugh. For £5, how can I go wrong?. The moral of this story is 'Don't Ask, Don't Get'.

My second bargain was from a few days ago while doing some food shopping in Sainsbury's. I am big lover of jewellery trees as I find my jewellery overflows and begins to look like pile of junk, a beautiful pile of junk but still a pile of junk. So in the last place I expect to find a jewellery tree, a supermarket, there it is! A jewellery tree shoe for £4! The shape of it just called to me. So here's me new tree with a few of my treasures. It has had a tendency to topple over. Must work on that...
I saw this top in Warehouse and I cannot stop thinking about. It is part of the new Luxe collection and I am obsessed. So pretty and so many options...
However, £75? hmmm.

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