Saturday, 16 April 2011

Stationery from Tinc

This is not strictly fashion or beauty but I saw this new brand, Tinc and it is too cute not to share with you.

Tinc is a new stationery brand in the UK. It has everything stationery item you could need including bendy pencils, mini highlighters and piggy erasers. You can various colours including blue, green, pink, black and white. Whether you are student or work in an office, there is something for you.

What I call the Green Team...

The piggy eraser! Everybody now... awwww!

A bendy pen and highlighter.

Hardback notebooks from the Blue Team.

There is even a tech side to Tinc. They do a splitter which allows you to plug two headphones into it and then it plugs into your music player and two people can listen to the one device. If you want to see the items in person head to the new store in Bath opening 22nd April. If Bath is a bit too far you, go the website for Tinc when it is up and running.

The items are well made and they feel really solid so they will not fall to pieces. For me the best things are the bright colours, the originality and the fun side to the brand. I was back at university I would order one of everything!

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