Sunday, 17 April 2011

Patriotic Nails from Nails Inc

The Wedding is less than two weeks away! It's time get patriotic with Nails Inc.

Nail wraps are becoming more popular as they give you the choice of having an intricate, detailed design without hours in the salon. There are many designs out there including lace and leopard prints. For the Royal Wedding why not fly the flag by having these Union Jack nail wraps?

They are easy to put on as you all need it heat and any excess can be filed away. They have lots of glitter on them so as your hand moves, your hand will shimmer and shine. Make a mistake? Do not worry, there are spares so you try again.

If you cannot bear to part from your polish, then try the Will and Kate nail polishes. The vibrant red polish is inspired by Will. It has the union jack in crystals on the cap. Very very nice. I love all things red so this has to be my favourite.

The nude polish is inspired by Kate and her gorgeous sapphire engagement ring. The Will and Kate polishes are £15 each from Nails Inc. The Union Jack nail wrap is £7.95.

What are you doing for the Royal Wedding? I can't wait for a long weekend off work. Heaven!


  1. hello!great blog!i follow you!can you follow me?thanks!

  2. I really wanted to try this! I'd love to participate on your giveaway, but I'm based in Ireland!


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