Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Foxy Lingerie

Damaris offers some of the most provocative and decadent lingerie. 10 years ago they gave us the bottom cleavage and back bow knicker which are still going strong today. The autumn/winter collection 2011 has eight new styles with a trend towards Swarovski crystals.

 I can only dream...

The Chiacchiere is a new V bra with crystals over the black silk tulle and a fuchsia silk satin band. There is also a floor-length gown in this style which gives it an ethereal look with an empire line and jewels at the collarbone.

Pannetoni is bubblegum pink silk tulle for a more feminine, girly look. The crystals are more coral and pink. You can get the new V knicker with a signature peephole for some bottom cleavage. They do go up to an E cup for the larger bust, how much support you get is up for debate. But when it looks this good I would cope.

I am not quite sure how brave I am and if I could pull off this sheer look but I do love it. Up close...

Fox and Rose is an online boutique for lingerie which brings together designers in one place and showcases the creations. There are many sides to each of us and at Fox and Rose you can choose your side, either a seductive, bold fox or the elegant understated rose. One of my hottest looks coming for autumn/winter 2011 is the Darling collection from Fleur of England.

I love bows and you get three with this. The delicate lace and colours complement each other. The Bra is £75.50 and the knickers are £89.50 so they are definitely a treat.

Stepping away from the bows and lace, I have this sexy satin number in black and white from Else. I like the black and white contrast and the V strap on the bra. Available from Fox and Rose later this year.

With any of this lingerie your derriere will thank you (and so will your boyfriend)!


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