Friday, 15 April 2011

Work It with Mango and Stylist

Just got back from the Mango and Stylist Work It event where many Stylist readers registered to receive exclusive entry into the Oxford Street store and get 25% discount. If you were there, you know how crammed it was!

There were so many nice things to choose from so what did I get? Blazers are all the rage at Mango with every variation of colour and fit available. Some with belts, some with turnup detailing  on the sleeves which I love. It looks so chic. Well I already have my beautiful blazer for the summer from here. I can tell you they did not have any like my high shouldered beauty!

I went with the sole intention of buying some tops for work and I succeeded. I love it when a plan comes together! First one is a silky shirt in ice (or to you and me, cream). What grabbed me is the draped v-neck and the gathered bust. Very flattering for the larger bust.

I also got the Al Menox shirt. It is a flowing, sheer shirt perfect for summer. It is a lot more loose than my first purchase. I will be wearing this with a cream camisole underworth with black trousers for work. I love the pocket detail on the front.

They are similar in colour but the fit and material are very different so will make two very different outfits. I hope to do an outfit post soon so look for it. It's only when I went online now that I see some prints I would have liked. Where were they on the shopfloor? Oh well, I am happy with my little purchases.

Did you attend the event? What did you buy? Tell us in the comments.


  1. Ha, no, I did not attend. I didn't get an invite :). However, I do like the "ice" top. Don't ya just love shopping? I sure do!!!, shop, shop

  2. Both shirts are lovely, particularly like the Al Menox one though x


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